Well, at first it can be assumed that netizens are more likely to see this, but if several advertisements with images appear side by side, they may be at a loss. And there is no regulation. Advertisers may claim to belong to the website where they are advertising, and may contain keywords that cannot be included in text ads, such as “ipod”. Although there may be stricter rules and quality controls, pornographic images such as text ads also have greater market appeal, because advertisers usually do not have internal resources to create image ads, but they do. Apprentice writing text ads. This may mean that more advertisers are running text ads, because text ads will not burden advertisers and are easy to modify. It’s also cheaper for advertisers to create ads because the cost of graphic ads can exceed $200. By eliminating these fixed costs, advertisers may wish to charge higher fees for the advertising itself. This benefits advertisers and publishers. Text ads seem to be the preference of advertisers.You pay CTR (click-through rate) and only get targeted traffic, which eliminates the risk of businesses that previously had to worry about ads not only being seen but also being driven by sales. In text ads, advertisers do not need a high click-through rate to access the ad. Big brands are ready to advertise in any form, but the absolute appeal of words on the market inevitably makes them a winner. It is increasingly clear that text and information are the preferences of website users.

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